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Since it’s likely I may not be around a computer on Sunday, April 1st, I wanted to make sure I uphold my New Year’s Resolution to check in on my New Year’s Resolutions on the first day of each month this year (is that like life intimidating art intimidating life? I’m not sure about you, but I felt like March took its good ol time, just dragging on by.I had two huge cake pop orders in the same week (last time I do that!The bigger stands such as the Classic or Mega Stand could be used on a dessert buffet table.Benefits of a Cake Pop Stand Rental Program: – Generate additional revenue on your cake pop orders – Offer rental-only program (customer provides treats but rents your stand) – Provide start-to-finish dessert services to your clients Rental Program Structure: . I’m so grateful they allowed 3,000 Blue Cross members to sign up a day early, because when registration went live to the public, over 27,000 race spots sold out in 5 hours! My best friend (who I mentioned that was also having trouble conceiving)… She is due October 19, and I could not be a more excited auntie!!!Say you charged only per rental, and you had 2 rentals per month…that’s an additional 0 a year that you could bring in to your business, just from letting someone rent your stand.

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It could just be a video edited using real footage and sound to promote them.

This picture brings back so many fun memories of that day!

When we ordered the cupcakes however, we needed to pay an additional to rent the gorgeous cupcake tower.

At first, I was a little wary of extra charges because I was on a tight budget.

But let’s be honest – this display made them look so amazing!

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