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But it was a Kindle freebie, and already sitting in my Kindle app. I'm not exactly sure why I picked this one up after that debacle, but one or two reviews indicated that this one is better and they aren't wrong. He's still an arrogant jerk and he still treats women like disposable napkins. And that she has clear lines and rules and that she doesn't let him push her around.So I read it -- it kept me up way too late the other night. But at least Meg calls him on it and doesn't let him get away with being the dirtbag he clearly aspires to become. I don't get her attraction to the idiot, but I let that slide so I could hang with her a while. So this is a solid three-star read, almost entirely on Meg's account. This ebook will teach you EXACTLY what to do to make friends and eliminate any chance of you being alone forever. I did everything to change something about my situation but it didn't work. It will make you prevent people from Rejecting you. No psychotherapists, teachers and parents could help me... Thanks a lot for writing it " - Gavin, Portland, Maine " I recently bought your book. " - Nikolai, New York, NY " Not sure if you will actually read this but I hope you do. Then I thought about it and realized that the techniques you share are the exact same ones I see popular friends use a lot. Meg has run the numbers and knows the probability, but for some reason she can't quit thinking about her coworker, Zander--the self-proclaimed eternal bachelor. Some kissing.- I received a copy of this book free.

I know I say this all the time, but I swear, this one is my favorite of Peel's books! Now that I know it's an addiction and I've admitted it, it's progressed from a want to a need. She doesn't know what it is but she just can't resist his pull.

Having grown up on a ranch and now living in Georgia, she can hold her own, dish out her own sass, and wants to be respected. But whatever it is has her going to goo whenever he's around.

When her co-worker, Zander, needs a fake girlfriend to ward off the undesirables, he deems Meg worthy of the job. Although he's a big-time player and their dating business does not give them a very good chance of compatibility, his charm oozes through his brash, jokester personality and he hooks her. So when Zander asks Meg to be his fake girlfriend to keep the unwanted women away, she has to stop herself from instantly saying yes!

this is the best book i have ever read because it completely fits in my situation.

After reading (and not liking) the first book in this series, and knowing that this sequel features a playboy love interest, I was leery of Statistically Improbable. ) I liked both Meg and Zander, I thought they had great chemistry and it was fun to see Meg stand up to him.

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