Dating a high profile man

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This is the same logic underlined by many millionaires around the world who are looking for home-makers as their wives.They reason that if both partners are professionals, the home and family are sure to be neglected – a condition that is simply not worth the extra money that their wives might bring from their professions.Physical beauty and sensuality are thus one of the most common traits in women that attract rich male partners.With killer looks, gorgeous hair and a model-like figure, such women are most often seen gracing the arms of rich and famous men.She is the type to host the most sought-after parties in town and is the toast of the highest cocktail circuit.

Gorgeous looks Rich men can afford to indulge their most expensive indulgences and this often extends to their tastes in women.

At the same time though, really successful men are not fools to underestimate her intelligence for beneath that stylish makeup is a first rate brain working to evaluate the social and financial potential of all who she meets.

She is the perfect partner for rich men who enjoy entertaining friends and business contacts and who you are looking for a fashionable woman with refined tastes and the ability to spot a 0 Dom Perignon from a fake red.

So more than division of labor, the reason why many millionaires prefer home-makers as wives is probably because they would like to avoid any chances of ego clashes at home.

When both partners are involved in high-pressure jobs, some amount of stress is sure to be brought home which in turn may give rise to ugly fights.

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