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The law prohibits discrimination against persons with “physical, mental, congenital, and accidental” disabilities and requires access to buildings or services for persons which such disabilities.Most public buildings do not provide adequate access.Travelers coming to Gabon from countries without a Gabonese embassy can apply for a visa online via Gabon’s “E-Visa” program.Applications submitted online are processed by the DGDI, and the visa is issued at Libreville International Airport upon arrival.Avoid poorly lit streets and unfamiliar areas of the city, especially at night. Carry a minimal amount of cash and avoid wearing flashy or expensive jewelry, especially in markets and nightlife spots.In a robbery, comply with the attacker to avoid injury. In Port Gentil please dial 07-63-93-63 or 01-56-27-75. We can: Criminal Penalties: You are subject to local laws.Exercise caution while withdrawing funds from ATMs.

For additional information about the “E-Visa” program, visit the Immigration Gabon website. Gabon may deny entry to people coming from Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) affected countries.Although there have been no reports of violence against LGBTI persons, discrimination, including in housing and employment, is a problem, and most LGBTI individuals choose to keep their status secret, except in trusted circles.Stigma is a likely factor in preventing the reporting of incidents.Vehicle break-ins and residential burglaries continue to be a problem in Libreville and Port Gentil.Carry identification at all times to minimize the risk of harassment at police checkpoints.

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