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Which fundamentally goes back to Marxism and the versus system, while it can and is useful that sort of analysis requires a lot of different analytical tools to suss out the best analysis. Eventually you learn their mood and tone that they take and the kind of relationship you establish with them.With that said, yes men have legitimate issues and society has not caught onto the concept of grooming with a position in authority for women abusing a young man or just plain verbal or physical abuse for a man in general. The biggest challenge, too, is that sometimes people want the "Dr.Since I am male, this double standard bothers me, since it makes the implication that men are naturally aggressive and violent but also willing to endure poor treatment from women because of their instincts and desires. It's also well-documented the testosterone tends to increase sex drive and aggression levels.

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People shall typically display abhorrence toward the man and offer assistance to the woman. Spock response is more likely to escalate a conflict than resolve it. People usually hold assumptions because they are unable/unwilling to learn about a subject. I'm sure we can also find some statistics that the majority of rapes and assaults are committed by men.

People shall typically display abhorrence toward the man and offer assistance to the woman.

However, if a woman is abusive toward a man, the situation may be treated seriously, or it may be treated as if it is humorous, and some people may even laugh at such a situation (in particular, this seems to occur frequently in Japanese animation and manga, with notable examples being the behavior of Akane Tendo toward Ranma Saotomoe, Kagome toward Inuyasha, or Chi-Chi toward Goku).

You're in a debate, so people aren't generally going to just take your word at face value. It doesn't matter what you say, it's what they hear.

Women for a long time fought for many decades to be taken seriously about accusations for abuse and rape. All that because I told her her position was unreasonable. Which is why I tend to tell people who are close to me to understand whenever they want my opinion to expect a sharp analysis, which is why I tend to ask.

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