Flirting sex hidden camera

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At the start of the clip, Vanessa tells the show's host, Luis Mercado, that she signed up to be on the series because she wants to see what her boyfriend is like when she isn't around.

'Anytime we go places, I am always around,' she explains.

A Wisconsin woman named Vanessa put her relationship to the test when she appeared on the popular You Tube series, To Catch a Cheater, and she was appalled to see her boyfriend making plans to meet up with the actress who was wearing a fake baby bump under her dress.

However, she really lost it when she realized that he started flirting and putting his arm around the pregnant girl after she admitted that she was only 16 years old.

I probably will just break up with him.”The girlfriend then goes on to brutally rip into her sex life with the poor bloke, saying: “The sex is not satisfying at all.“He’s pretty small.” The boyfriend understandably flies off the handle at the shocking secret footage.

He rages: “I was going to marry her, how am I going to marry her she just said I have a small d***.”The backfired cheat test was set up for You Tube’s savage US To Catch A Cheater show.

She reminds him that her phone is about to die, and he readily agrees to help her.

Luis notes that it is possible that it 'turned him on' that she was only 16 because it certainly didn't stop him from flirting or putting his arm around her/ 'Well, that's sick.

I don't want to be with a son of a b***h like this,' Vanessa says at the end of the clip.

I was busily preparing the drinks and nibbles and hardly noticed that she had slipped on a loose fitting open necked sweater and her sexy little poolside hostess skirt. We sometimes substituted Friday night meals with a session at the pub and she usually became amorous and flirtatious.

Friday night was usually a good time to be married to Annie.

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