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Taser, the company that makes the less-than-lethal Taser weapon, has recently changed its name to “Axon,” and is offering a very interesting proposal for police around the country.In recent years, especially with difficulty holding police accountable for their actions during investigations, talk around body cameras has become one of the biggest moves to modernize policing.At this time, there have been no announcements from Axon as to which states are taking advantage of their free cameras, but this offer could help reduce costs – at least for a year – for police departments.Axon’s goal with increased body camera production highlights one of the major benefits that body cameras have.This is especially necessary when police are responsible for shootings.Without video evidence, the facts of what happened are reported through the eyes of the surviving police officers and witnesses.Additionally, New Jersey legislators have increased funding for body cameras, and redirected federal funds to help supplement the costs.

During the day, two people were issued citations for disorderly conduct, police spokesman Sgt. One man was issued a citation at 5th and Market Streets.The deceased’s point of view is not captured at all, and both police and witnesses have incentives to be untruthful.It may be impossible to tell if the deceased was truly resisting arrest, or was innocent.Axon has offered a full year of free trials with their body camera systems to police around the country.As some reporters have suggested, this might involve hidden costs and fees for police and local governments, but it may ultimately help create much needed – and some unwanted – changes to policing around the country.

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