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He sometimes joked around about wanting to fuck various white women, and I got the feeling that Tasha wasn’t putting out as much as she used to either.Bill’s lean, muscular body, and his big, black cock, even when soft, definitely fit the descriptions of many of the black studs in the stories I was reading.

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I had never had those types of submissive feelings, and I was surprised and even a little ashamed of myself for getting turned on at the thought of becoming a cuckold husband.

Our children have graduated college and are living out of state with their own families.

Diana and I had a very good sex life, until she began to lose interest in sex at the age of forty-five, when I was forty-seven.

And I knew from glimpses of him in the locker-room at our country club, that he was likely well-hung, although I had only seen him when his cock was soft.

He also has an outgoing personality, and all of us got along very well. He had racy calendars on the wall in his garage with mostly naked, white women.

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