Updating mac 10 4 11

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This is a bit off topic as it's for 10.5.8 Power PC mac, but I found this thread trying to get past the Java 6 requirement for a PPC mac.

Java 1.6 for os 10.4 in the first link How to force the install when it says it contains a newer version of java. Select java 5 for the first boot of minecraft otherwise you get stuck with "unable to connect to minecraft.net". (2) “In Finder, go to folder /System/Library/Frameworks/Java VM.framework/Resources and move the files “version.plist” and “Info-macos.plist” to a safe place like the Desktop”.

With java 6 sorted then you need to go into the application settings for java 6 in the utilities menu and make sure java 6 is selected. Java 5 will connect fine but java 6 wont, Not sure why. After the first log in and update download then switch back to java 6 and enjoy. Last thing: edit the file ~/.bash_profile and add this to the end if it already exists (if it doesn't, create it): Wha?? Likely this will require a copy/paste and then a delete of the two files in thier native folder.

If not then console will probably report that you are still on java 5. I found another way to get Java 1.6 to install on Mac OS X Tiger: 1. Open the file inside the disk image with Pacifist and click install after selecting all the files 3. (3) Run the installer again, and hopefully it will work this time, otherwise…??? Under the ‘General’ tab change the “Use version: “ to Java SE 6 and move the Java SE 6 logo under “Java Application Runtime Settings” to the top. ) Download the version you need to install on your machine from Apple’s site.

While the note says that removing one file would do just fine, my experiments showed you needed to remove both, especially if you are changing versions.

Also, like I said above, you can install any version of Java intended for your OS, not just the one that came with your CD/ DVD like the note says.

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