Updating microsoft streets and trips

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I especially value how mapping software makes it easy to explore alternative routes.Instead of just accepting what the computer tells me is the way to go, I can look at the area I'm heading into, at any level of detail from cross-country to street-by-street, all on a large laptop screen. Then, I can override the route the computer suggests, specify way-points to precisely control the route, then see the distances and times of each segment.

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If you're thinking that your vehicle doesn't have space by the driver for a large laptop, the new netbook-type laptops are much smaller.But given the rise in smart phone usage—well over 1.2 billion units this year alone—each of which comes with integrated GPS and available high quality mapping solutions from Google or Microsoft/Nokia, the need for standalone solutions—including hardware GPS units—has been dwindling for years.(Users of the i Phone are free to use Apple Maps if they like getting lost.) On the Microsoft side of the fence, Bing Maps is generally excellent and includes downloadable maps for offline use.If you just need directions to an address across town, almost any map tool will help you.But if you need to plan a trip beyond a local point A to point B drive, mapping software gives you much more.

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