Who is jadakiss dating

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"They ain't developing it."Mainly, Jada, Styles P and Sheek just want the kids to do their homework, and to think hard about the business side before they find themselves trapped in unfair 360 deals."The one thing we gotta say, is there's young black mothafuckas that's gettin' money and not going to jail.

But respect the culture and learn the history, mufucka," Styles P says.

MT: On Twitter, you said you were tired of people thinking you're hardcore or you're a thug.

You tweeted, "Just because I look the part that doesn't mean I fit it." Now where did that come from did you have an experience recently? ' and they said 'yeah, you're very intimating,' and I'm like wow just because I look like a thug that doesn't mean I'm a thug.

MT: Do you plan in talking about stuff that's going on today in Baltimore and Ferguson in your music? I don't ever want to lie, a lot of guys lie to their females, they lie, they are not forthcoming.

MB: Of course, I'm working on my album it's called, where the black man was considered sixty percent, not even sixty-five percent, passing, sixty less than passing, you know, so I want to talk about everything because with this album as an independent artist and me having a college background, I don't want to fall in the category. I don't care about shaking a**, I'm not gonna do that, it's corny to me; it's really corny. MT: So you've dismissed women if they weren't trisexual? I don't want to lie to you and say I am here with the fellas when they are with another woman. I try to keep it a buck at all times so that the woman can say 'at least he kept it real, he never lied to me, so I can trust him.' Trust is important.

The rapper goes on to attempt to help her decide if she wants to be in the relationship in the future as well.

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MB: I'm gonna be doing a collaboration with Jadakiss for sure. I have a couple of people in mind but everything is up in the air." MT: I go to twitter, your personality's there you were like that "oh I'm horny and lonely." How so if the ladies love you? So you go on tours, what's the wildest thing you've ever done or seen while on tour?As usual, he’s playful and menacing in his rhymes but all in all, the lyricist just wants his loyal supporters to use his tracks as the soundtrack to welcome a new season. The producer, my man Bink out of Virgina, he did it. “It’s to hold you down for the summer,” he reveals. Sometimes, I can't even do what I need to do in the bedroom because my phone is just blowing up.As many would know, French Montana wears a lot of hats in Hip-Hop.

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