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Transform(doc, null, str); // Remember to Flush the Stream and set the position to 0 str.

Xsl Transform(); // Load the stylesheet that creates XML Output. Load("numbers XML.xsl"); // Load the XML data file into an XPath Document.

Xml Text Reader(XSLTStream); // The Xml Reader may be passed into the Load Method of Xsl Transformm constructor; it is still necessary to populate the data.

It is similar to using a static ADO recordset because it parses and loads the entire Xml Document into memory. Close(); // Write the Results to the Console Console. Read To End(); // Close the Stream Reader and the base Stream sr.The course also covers XML serialization according to XML Schema and the tight coupling between XML and ADO. It includes a practical discussion of performance tradeoffs for various XML technology alternatives.Every sample program and exercise adheres to W3C and . The course is intended for experienced software developers with a working knowledge of XML, and familiarity with DTDs or XML Schema, who want to build XML applications or components using Microsoft's . Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to create XML applications in . NET technologies to meet the application program's requirements.

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